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Superior Performance in Coastal Regions


Coastal regions are among the most beautiful places to have a home. But they also dish out the most punishment to a home.

Moisture, salt, wind, sun — all these things take a toll on the physical materials that make up a home’s structure. That’s why it’s so important to use only the best components in building a coastal home. And the best windows for coastal regions are built by Marvin.

Our wood windows offer stable wood species specially selected for quality, beauty and durability characteristics you expect from Marvin. Vertical Grain Fir and Mahogany, known for their durability, provide high resistance to decay and offer minimal shrinkage, making them the optimum choice for coastal areas.

Our extruded aluminum cladding meets AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2605 requirements. It comes standard on all our clad-wood windows and doors, and across each product component — casing, frame, sash and divided lites — resulting in an unmatched level of uniformity and consistency in performance. Substantially stronger than vinyl and roll-form aluminum, it provides toughness and durability that competing windows just can’t match.

For the most extreme conditions, our StormPlus windows and doors are designed to protect against flying debris, driving rain, hurricane force winds, cyclic pressure, and more. They feature graceful craftsmanship—but they also help preserve a home’s structural seal, the most important step in minimizing damage from severe storms. StormPlus products are certified for energy efficiency and rigorously tested by third-party agencies to meet or exceed the most stringent coastal codes.

The home pictured above, a winner in the 2013 Marvin Architect’s Challenge, is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast — an area known for severe weather. You can see how beautiful the home is. But with Marvin windows, it’s also built to withstand the worst nature can offer.