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Summer trend: Infused water

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Now that it is “officially” (not officially meteorologically of course) summer post-Memorial Day and we can do things like wear whites and play croquet, it’s time to start thinking of how to cool ourselves with some refreshing libations. The days get hot, and it’s important to keep hydrated!

One hot trend is infused waters. Take a pitcher or some other container and add water and your infusion ingredients. These can be almost anything. You could go for the classic lemon and mint or get really wild with pineapple and cinnamon sticks. The possibilities are endless! Love To Know has some ideas to start you off.

Infused water amps up the taste of regular water and allows you to be creative. Plus its calories are negligible. So mix up a pitcher, or grab a beverage dispenser for your next party. We’re partial to this one from Crate & Barrrel:

Happy sipping!

Top image courtesy of wtfclem on Flickr.