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Summer means fun -- and comfort


If you live in a climate where the seasons really change, you know that the warmth of summer really means something. Now, I am sure for those of you in San Diego, Miami and Austin, summer means something to you, too.  No matter where you live, being comfortable during the summer can sometimes be challenging.

I give the advice all the time to have your heating and cooling system checked each year, but did you know spring and early summer are actually the best time to have this done? You see, if your central air conditioner needs some TLC, it needs to be above 70 degrees to properly add the right amount of refrigerant.   And just as you would control drafts in the winter, you want to make sure that your windows and doors are tightly sealed in the summer, as well. If you need new ones then all you need to do is visit

At my house, the use of the A/C is sporadic at best.  One issue for us and many others is that closed-in, stale feeling the air can have when the system is running for days on end. One way to help the indoor air quality is to install and outside air exchange system. Many manufacturers offer these. The unit brings in fresh outdoor air, filters it and then circulates it through your system to keep the air fresh inside your home. This can be especially helpful to those who suffer from allergies or Asthma. In fact, the EPA estimates that the indoor air inside your home can be 10 times more polluted than the outside air. The cost of installation is around $1,500-$2,000. You can talk to your HVAC contractor about this.

Another way to stay comfortable is to move the air. Keep those ceiling fans turning to keep the air temperature consistent at all levels of your home. By doing this, your HVAC system will actually run less and you could even save a little on your energy bills this season.