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Spring it up! Interview with interior designer Desi Creswell

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Now that it’s spring, we can’t wait to spend time outside. But there’s still the inside of our homes to consider and we want them to be spring-y too. Minneapolis based designer Desi Creswell sat down with us to answer some questions about sprucing up your home for spring.

Does season effect design? For instance, do clients that hire you in the spring often have different ideas than those that hire you in winter?
Seasons can definitely make an impact on design decisions. During the fall and winter months clients tend to gravitate towards rich colors with lots of warmth. In spring and summer the colors are brighter and have more pop.
Do you design with the seasonal flexibility in mind?
 A great way to bring seasonal flexibility to your interior is through the use of accessories. Items such as vases, candles, etc are easily switched out to accommodate the changing hues associated with seasons. Textiles such as pillows and throw blankets are another easy switch. Choose chunky knits or lush fabrics such as a velvet to bring a cozy element in winter. Switch to linens and cottons in the summer to create a fresh, breezy look.
What about more temperate climates? Have you found/heard that people there gravitate towards a more “season-less” style than those of us who live in four-season climates?
Temperate climates tend to have more subtle shifts.  Without the change of weather to signal a different mood there is less desire to switch items out.
Are you seeing any interior design trends this spring? Any window/door trends you happen to be noticing?
More and more clients are looking for their outdoor spaces to be an extension of their indoor living spaces. To achieve this expansive doors that can be opened fully are are becoming popular. A window that wraps the corner of a home is another great way to bring the outdoors in with its uninterrupted view.
For someone who wants to freshen up their home’s interior this spring, but can’t afford an interior designer, what are some quick tips you could give them?
Accessories! Another tip – The kitchen is a great place to accessorize seasonally. In the spring/summer, place colorful citrus in a crisp white bowl. In the fall/winter switch out for apples or colorful squashes. [Here’s a great example from Desi]
Have taken any inspiration from the outdoors in your design lately?
I’m constantly taking inspiration from the outdoors. The MN Landscape Arboretum is one of my favorite places to wander-the variety of texture, color, and pattern found in nature is amazing!
Thanks for chatting with us, Desi!
Here is a little bit more about her: Through collaborative dialogue and full-service implementation, award-wining interior designer Desi Creswell creates signature space that allow distinguished professionals, executives and business owners to successfully meld their personalities and their professions into uniquely expressive spaces.The result is a luxurious and livable space that supports all aspects of her client’s lifestyle. Desi also writes regularly on LifeStyle, WorkStyle, and Inspiration – follow her blog at
The above photo is from the exterior of one of Desi’s projects.  The Ultimate Sliding French Door was added to bring more light and natural views into the main living space. It’s also created a transition point from the home to the backyard that did not exist before the project. This deck and patio project was a collaboration between Desi ID, Southview Design and Fair & Square Remodeling