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Spring is coming, and it's time to take a look


We can all feel that winter’s back is about to be broken and a fresh spring full of new life and warmer temperatures is on its way.  Winter can really put a beating on a home, and once the weather breaks, taking a slow walk around your home with a pad and pencil can be a really good idea.

Most of us are so busy we tend to never look at our homes from a distance to actually see what is going on. In the spring, I would like you to do a 30-minute outdoor inspection of your home.

Start from across the street. Take a look at your home from your neighbor’s point of view. What is the condition of the roof, the siding, and the windows and doors on all four sides of your home? Inspect the ground where it meets your foundation: Is it pitched correctly? Is there new erosion that can lead to water pooling and potentially entering your home?

Pay attention to gutters and downspouts.  Do you see any separation or leaking at the joints of the gutters? Give your sidewalks, driveway, patio and deck a good once-over. Make sure everything is in good repair with no large cracks or separation of material. What about the outdoor lighting? Are all the pieces in place? Is there rust on fixtures or even burned out bulbs?

Now take a look at all the landscaping. How did the lawn survive? What about the trees and shrubs? A professional spring clean-up can really get things off to a good start.

Whether you want to try some of these repairs yourself or just want to have a better idea of what’s going on when you contractor, the 30 minutes you spend on the outside can give you new knowledge about your home and how to maintain it properly.