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Spring HOuse

Spring into Action with these Home Projects

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Chirping birds, green grass, blooming flowers and a home that took on a bit of winter’s toll. Sound like spring to you?

Before you step outside and enjoy the warmer weather, check these spring home projects off your list. Trust us, it’ll make for a much more enjoyable season!

Bring In The Sun
Now that spring has sprung, pull back the curtains and welcome the sunshine inside! Winter is hard on windows and the dirt and the grime can really add up. Cleaning your windows at the start of spring can give them a renewed sparkle and brighten up your home more than you may even realize! Here are some glass cleaning tips from the pros:

  • For best results, always clean glass from top to bottom.
  • Beware of suds! Soapy cleaning solutions can leave behind streaks. Be nice to yourself and your windows by using a mild, non-abrasive, commercial cleaning solution.
  • Use a squeegee to get the best clean. Traditional towels tend to transfer dirt and residue from window to window, and paper towels are susceptible to scratching.
  • Wipe away any residue with a dry microfiber towel.
  • Avoid cleaning tinted and coated glass surfaces in direct sunlight, as the glass may be too hot for ideal cleaning.
  • Never use scrapers for cleaning glass as you risk scratching your windows.

Wish window cleaning was a little easier? Our Ultimate Casement Windows have a convenient Wash Mode that makes window cleaning a cinch.

Give Your Walls New Life
After spending the winter inside you’re probably tired of looking at the same old walls. Breathe new life into your home with a fresh paint job. Consider these tips as you start searching for the perfect color:

  • Get inspired. A favorite painting, a loved one’s eye color – even an accessory or piece of furniture can lead to the perfect paint selection. Check out Pantone’s Spring 2015 Color Report to jump-start your inspiration.
  • Set the mood. Colors have the ability to affect our feelings. Soft cool colors and neutrals create a quieter feel, while stronger colors are more dramatic.
  • Light matters. Natural daylight shows the truest color whereas incandescent lighting brings out yellow and warm tones.
  • Try it first. Although simple, a new paint job can make a drastic difference. Before painting, test your color choices on poster board or a large area of wall.

Liven Up Your Curb Appeal
It happens every year: you look outside and see your neighbors harvesting fresh produce, and you think, “Next year, I should plant a garden.” Well, now is the time! What you decide to plant will depend on where you live, but spring presents the perfect opportunity to channel your inner green thumb. If fruits and vegetables aren’t your bag, consider a flowerbed to add some extra curb appeal. To get you started, here are a few of our favorites to consider:

Rid the Clutter
Guilty of holiday décor still lingering in your coat closet? Make spring-cleaning easier by clearing out unwanted items first. Unwanted electronics, housewares, gently used clothing and shoes all can find a happy second home. Not sure where to donate? A couple ideas to get you started:

Tend to Your Lawn
There’s nothing better than spending summer months in the yard. Spring offers the perfect opportunity to maximize the beauty of your lawn by giving the grass a fresh cut, trimming the hedges or doing some landscaping. Your first step? Raking. About Home landscaping expert David Beaulieu explains that raking can kill two birds with one stone: ridding the last of fall leaves and removing lawn thatch.

What spring home projects are you tackling in the coming weeks? Share your best tips with us on Facebook and Twitter.