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Some simple steps to help you through downsizing


At some point, you’re going to downsize. Whether it’s because your children have grown up and moved out or you’ve decided a smaller home is simply more sensible, downsizing is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Luckily, has laid out some thought-starters to help you transition to a smaller abode when the time comes. (Warning: The following might be upsetting for anyone who struggles to discard old stuff.)

In your old larger space:

  • Before you do anything, consider the place you will be moving to
  • Once you’ve developed an idea of what you’d like your new space to look like, life gets so much easier!
  • Decide on how you will get rid of unneeded goods
  • Avoid the storage option

In your new smaller space:

  • Choose multi-functional furniture
  • Opt for an open space floorplan
  • Rid yourself of one-purpose gadgets
  • Opt for quality and get rid of the flimsy and rickety

Do any MLuxe readers have tips for downsizing?

[Photo from Houzz]