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Small house CA

Small on Space, Big on Style

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Many people dream of more square footage when thinking about building or remodeling. But there are those who take the term “downsizing” to a new level. Cal Finder featured some small houses that are big on style. The advantages to living in such a house are many, including energy savings (less space to heat and cool), less time spent cleaning large rooms and overall simplification of life (objects that go in the house must be truly loved). Let’s take a look…

This modern marvel is only 77 square feet. Its cube-like architecture disguises that fact though. Looking at this picture, it’s easy to think that it could be 1,000 feet. No doubt its structure keeps the interior spacious.

Small house cube

If you want some bragging rights, you might want to look into this house: it allegedly is the smallest in Toronto. It is 300 square feet and cleverly uses the space of a driveway.

Small house Toronto

Don Botsford has 20 acres of land in Ann Arbor, Mich., but his house occupies a very small part of it. It isn’t even on the ground. It’s a small, beautiful and completely livable tree house, with a sleeping loft and solar-powered lighting.


If you have been wondering how to downsize your house, take some inspiration from these homeowners!

Photos courtesy of Cal Finder.