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Small house, big life

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Small house pros: more environmentally friendly, easy to clean, a definite conversation starter!

Small house cons: it’s small. However, this can be mitigated by good design.

The New York Times recently profiled a Portland, Ore. couple who tore down a 2-bedroom house in favor of building a 704 square foot home. Their criteria when building included things like:

  • The house could be vacuumed without having to re-plug the cord
  • The square footage might be small, but the house had to be comfortable for a person over 6’0″–something that can be difficult in older homes
  • One level only, in order to age in place

The goal with this particular small house was ease and simplicity. In addition to the goals mentioned above, the owners chose to build such a small house so that their house wouldn’t take over their lives. with a minimum of house projects and less space to clean, other life goals and experiences could be pursued.

Did they succeed? We’d say yes–it’s a modern house that is beautiful, functional and above all, livable.. This house is small but mighty! Visit the New York Times to see more pictures, including the airy interior, and read the article.

Image courtesy of the New York Times