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a tiny house, though not the broom closet in question

Small enough to be a broom closet -- literally

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Would you ever choose to live in a broom closet? MSN Real Estate has a story about someone who did — a college student, not wanting a roommate, creatively looked for some extra space around his dorm. Voila! A room with a broom.

We might all not want to live in a closet (although some do), but living in a small space can be rewarding. More applicable to a general audience, though, are these tips from MSN Real Estate on how to live with less clutter and maximize your useful space. Check out the article to read more!

  • Edit: Yes, you have to pare down ruthlessly. There’s no room for clutter in a tiny space. On the bright side, this is a golden opportunity to decide what things you really need.
  • Divide: You can still have different rooms in a small space; it will just take some ingenuity. Bookcases, screens and curtains will become your new best friends.
  • Get out:  Sometimes you just need to escape. MSN Real Estate suggests an outdoor space like a patio or balcony, but there’s a whole world out there. Think of some fun places in your neighborhood like a coffee shop, park or library to be your “extended living room.”

What’s the smallest place you’ve ever lived in? Did you like it? What are your tips?

Image courtesy of nicolas.boullosa on Flickr