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Ski-country homes: Gorgeous architecture in gorgeous surroundings


We can always count on the good folks at Architectural Digest for finding incredible homes to showcase — and offering perfect photography to do the architecture justice. This photo-slideshow feature on ski-country homes is no exception.

The home in the photo above was designed by architect Antoine Predock for a 15-acre property in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. According to Arch Digest, “The logs, which Predock imagined as fallen trees, are a dominant feature of the rear elevation, extending from deep in the landscape through the galvanized-aluminum façade and into the upper reaches of the residence’s interiors.” In layman’s terms, they look really cool.

Other homes in the feature include an “elegantly vertical” home nearly as tall as the trees surrounding it, a home in the French Alps that looks like a classy European-inspired barn, and an ultra-modern home that somehow seems perfectly at home nestled in the nearby mountains and trees.

Needless to say, the slideshow is worth a look.