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Sit on it! Modern chairs

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We love some good modern design here at MLuxe, and the humble chair is a great way to give your home a contemporary twist. Let’s take a look at some particularly cool ones:

Love the mix of glass (most likely Plexiglass) and wood. The question is, how comfortable is it to sit in?
Image courtesy of Design Is My Muse


Now this looks comfortable, and has a great midcentury look! Can’t you just picture it in Mad Men?
Image courtesy of Home Designing


Remind you of anything? A riff on the midcentury aesthetic, this would be a great place to take a phone call, as it’s been designed to look like a phone.
Image courtesy of Tréndir


This thermoplastic polyurethane chair was 3D printed. What’s more contemporary than that?
Image courtesy of Moco Loco 


If you’re looking for a contemporary chair with cutting edge design, give this a go: it uses “contemporary aluminium-pressing technology developed by the car industry.” Lest you think it’s all modern though, the inspiration for its shape comes from ancient plankton. A good blend of old and new!
Image courtesy of Dezeen