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Silly Eco-Inventions, Extraordinary Uses for Shampoo and More Link Love


Today’s link love post pokes some fun at some silly “green” inventions, shares some nifty uses for shampoo you probably haven’t thought of and more. Let’s get to it.

Top 5 Silliest Eco-Inventions
With the increasing interest recently in “going green,” the world has been bombarded with products making eco-friendly claims. Some of those claims are more legitimate than others, and some of those products are sillier than others. Inhabitat runs down what it believes are the five silliest — like the solar-powered fan hat pictured at right. What do you think of these products? Any other silly “green” inventions you know of?

Extraordinary Uses for Shampoo
As this post declares, haircare is only a part of shampoo’s usefulness. Makeup remover, car cleaner and more. Any other tricks you have to share?

The Lorna Corner Shelf
Curbly’s prolific guru “DIY Maven” shares this interesting find, a gorgeous, stylish, unique bookshelf that makes the most of an otherwise dull corner of any room. As the Maven points out, the price tag ($1,500!) is a bit steep for a bookshelf, but maybe the photos provide enough inspiration for a nice do-it-yourself project.

25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home
Whole Living
By way of Re-Nest, we learned of these great ideas for eco-friendly decorating. They involve a lot of simple reusing of other materials, which of course is a great way to cut down on waste and can add a nice bit of style when done well. Be sure to check these out.