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Showing Off Your Pipes, and More Link Love


No, we don’t mean flexing your biceps. We’re talking about inside your house. Let’s jump right into today’s link love.

Considering Exposed Pipes
Over at the home improvement/do-it-yourself site, the DIY Maven has an overview of some things to think about if you’re considering exposed pipes as a design option or to perhaps save some energy on building something to cover them up. As the Maven points out, exposed interior pipes can just as easily be a nice bit of character or be really ugly and obtrusive. Sometimes, just a bit of paint makes the difference.

10 Things You Can Recycle You Didn’t Know You Could
From the great green blog Re-Nest: “If you’re like us you hate throwing anything in the regular garbage. It seems like such a, pardon the pun, waste. But there’s some stuff you just don’t know what to do with. Check out our list plus a refresher on what can go in your city’s recycle bin…” Potato chip bags, old medicine, wine corks and more — recycle ’em!

Most Asked Questions of Home Improvement Contractors
National Association of the Remodeling Industry
“Contractors share the short list of questions they are usually asked by homeowners and offer a list of questions they recommend you ask.” Talk about valuable information! If you’re planning a remodel or any other project working with a contractor, this is a must-read.

Photo courtesy of Coastal Living by way of Curbly