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Showering Green

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It’s ironic that a thing that exists to clean you can get dirty and disgusting so fast. A fresh, clean shower can make the entire bathroom look sparkling. A grungy shower can make the whole room look dingy. If you’re tired of pulling the shower curtain closed when guests come over, you’ll want to check out Apartment Therapy’s post on how to clean your shower without the use of harsh chemicals. Here are a few tips:

  • You’ve got some choices on green cleaners. Apartment Therapy recommends either a tea tree cleaner, white vinegar cleaner, citrus juice cleaner, hydrogen peroxide cleaner, or borax and vinegar cleaner.
  • Clean after your shower–steam helps loosen any gunk on the walls.
  • Let your chosen spray sit for a few minutes and then scrub with a stiff brush. And old toothbrush works well for getting in the grout.
  • If you have a fan or a dehumidifier, run it to get rid of extra  moisture-causing mold in the bathroom.

And to prevent mold in the first place, check out Apartment Therapy’s post on that topic.

Photo courtesy of jfpeck on Flickr.