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Seeing renovation potential

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Sometimes you see a space and just know  you can remodel it into the home of your dreams. But usually that space is something like a rundown house, or maybe an old factory conversion.

The place with big renovation potential is probably not a public bathroom or a swimming pool. But people have amazingly creative eyes when it comes to places that can be made livable. Here are two unusual spaces we’ve seen recently.

Design*Sponge showed this gorgeous room:

Image courtesy of Design*Sponge

Isn’t it a beautifully airy space? It’s used as an artist’s studio in a renovated farmhouse. What a great place to get artsy, right? But can you guess what it was before? Maybe an old kitchen, or a garage? Nope, it was a pool:


Image courtesy of Design*Sponge

According to Design*Sponge, the owners:

“set to work on this space before any of the others in the house—to transform this skylight-filled pool room into a stunning and inspiring studio space. By creating a wooden structure inside of the pool to act as a subfloor (photos below), Megan and her husband were able to “fill in” the rusty old swimming pool and cover the area with a sparkling new floor. “

You’d never guess!

Over at Apartment Therapy, they tell the tale of a brave London dweller who found an old public restroom–and made it home (that is to say that she renovated it first!).

It took years to cut through red tape to buy the bathroom and lots of hard labor to turn a dreary, creepy old bathroom into a beautiful underground home. Here’s the eye-popping renovation:

London bathroom before

London bathroom after

Images via Apartment Therapy

Two great renovations from spaces most people would have written off. Have you ever looked at an offbeat space and thought “I could live here!”?