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Seeing green: Data visualization powers energy efficiency


It can be rather difficult to effectively control your energy use if you don’t know how, when and where your energy is being used. As this article on the Open Forum says:

Despite all of the increased data and knowledge about global warming, do you know which decisions impact the earth the most?

Enter the power of data visualization to attempt to connect the dots between data, personal decisions about energy use, and behavior change. Several large companies and startups have taken on the challenge to build feedback loops for us to use to see the impact of our actions, and give us a construct for us to understand how we change our behavior.

The article goes on to discuss several emerging technologies to help shine some light on people’s energy use. An article on green-living blog Re-Nest offers a look at several more of these technologies, focusing more on tools for homeowners to monitor and control their energy consumption. One of those tools is a program called mControl, which lets homeowners control appliances and devices in their home remotely from a mobile device or a computer.

The first step toward using energy efficiently is knowing where and how energy is used. Have you used any tools like these in your home?