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Round-up of kitchen design tips


For no particular reason, today’s link love round-up features all sorts of ideas about kitchen design. Have at it!

4 Most Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials
CalFinder Blog
A great overview of popular materials for kitchen countertops and what each offers. Be smart before making your decision.

5 Artistic and Colorful Kitchen Countertops
CalFinder Blog
If going with one of the tried-and-true most popular options isn’t your thing, check out these funky alternatives — like the crystal swirl countertop shown in the photo.

5 Tips for Designing a Green Kitchen
This post shares a great video full of tips from Dwell about making a nice, useful, environmentally friendly kitchen.

24 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen
Real Simple
A great set of photo-based tips for getting organized in the kitchen — the room in which organization is arguably the most important.