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Reuse your Halloween pumpkins: A fall beverage holder

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We hope everyone had a very safe and happy Halloween (especially to our readers on the East Coast!)! You might remember the watermelon keg we told you about this summer. We ran across the idea of a pumpkin keg as well.

If you have a leftover uncarved pumpkin from Halloween (sorry, this wouldn’t work with Jack o’ Lanterns), a pumpkin keg would be a great way to use it up. It’s simple:

  • Remove top of pumkin
  • Carve out the pumpkin’s innards
  • Carve out a hole for spigot and place spigot in

You can fill this with your choice of liquid. Pumpkin ale would be a great choice, or you could try this alcohol-optional pumpkin punch from the Food Network.

Celebrations has more details about how to make a pumpkin keg, as well as a helpful video.

Do you use your leftover Halloween pumpkins in the kitchen?

Image courtesy of Celebrations.