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Remodeling in the New Economy

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The Wall Street Journal recently took a look at “The New Rules of Remodeling.” Here at Marvin, we’ve been seeing an uptick in remodeling interest. It stems from the economy of course–from practical considerations like being unable to sell a house to the more philosophical decision to improve what you already have. Being a window and door company, we see lots of interest in window and door replacement, but there are lots of things that homeowners are doing.

However, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out, the economy has changed the game for remodeling as well. During the housing boom, someone might have added a third story to their home. Now they are remodeling the master bath. Or they might have chosen to gut their kitchen for remodeling. Now they’re replacing the countert0ops.

What have you been seeing? If you had been wanting to move to a new house and are now not able to, are you more likely to splash out for a big project? Or are you looking at remodeling as small things to make your house better? And how are you balancing the urge to remodel the way that you want with the need to think about future resale (in one, five, 10, 20 years?)? Does it even matter to you that the remodeling project “earn” its money back? Or are you just content to improve your home?

Take a look at the Journal article and leave your thoughts in the comments!