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Relaxing like the Finns do

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If you are looking for a luxurious heat-and-relaxation thing to add to your home, but a steam room is too impractical and a hot tub is too much upkeep (and maybe too Jersey Shore), how about a sauna?

According to the Listed blog, they are among the most requested home improvements currently. Listed says:

Saunas have been at the core of Finnish culture for thousands of years, a traditional toasty respite in a cold and snowy climate, according to the nonprofit North American Sauna Society, an organization for those who use, build and sell saunas.

Unlike a steam shower, saunaing can be a communal activity (the Embassy of Finland in DC has a sauna that becomes a centerpiece of cultural events and parties) and unlike a hot tub, there’s not constant mixing of chemicals and worrying about drowning. It’s healthy and feels wonderful in the winter.

Best of all? It can cost as little as $3,000 to make a closet into a small sauna. The larger or more luxurious the sauna, the more it can cost.

Would you consider adding a sauna into your home?

Image courtesy of Video4Net on Flickr