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Reduce, reuse, recycle, reclaim

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Re-use, reduce and recycle. Lately, the fourth “r” in that series could be “reclaim.” Using reclaimed materials in your home can not only be green, but it can provide a stellar conversation piece and the chance to own something truly unique.

One of the most popular uses of reclaiming is reclaimed wood. Where does this wood come from? Almost anywhere. We’ve heard of wood being reclaimed from the bottom of a river, as well as the more usual practice of reclaiming from an older home.

And the reclamation craze goes beyond wood! For period-appropriate pieces and fixtures, there’s nothing better than an original in need of a new home.

Re-Nest recently featured a kitchen that has lovely cabinets made from reclaimed Douglas fir. Most of the glass used in the cabinet doors is also reclaimed. The builder and owner, George Ramos, made a conscious effort to use green materials, such as a sustainably sourced mahogany countertop, even when reclaimed ones weren’t available.

Please check out Re-Nest’s post to learn more!

Images courtesy of Re-Nest