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Reclaimed wood and a stunning lake-shore view make this old barn a gorgeous home


By way of an article in Midwest Home magazine, we learned of this gorgeous, century-old barn-turned-home on Lake Superior. Built from the existing shell of an old barn and loads of reclaimed wood, the lake home oozes character.

Ax-scarred logs from an old cabin were ripped lengthwise to harvest the heartwood that became the stairs. The rugged exteriors were put to good use, too, shipped off to a TimeWorn client in Big Bear, California, for siding on a new house. Redwood siding from one old barn was re-cut to tongue-and-groove for flooring in Tom and Nicole’s bedroom. Slabs cut from the scarred surface of logs hand-hewn by a broadax more than a century ago form one wall of their bedroom. In another bedroom, weathered Wyoming snow fence serves as both distinctive walls and flooring. Built-ins made from a variety of woods provide storage and display space throughout the house­—from the floor-to-ceiling lockers in the entryway to buffet in the dining room to the red elm dresser in the owners’ bedroom.

It might not occur to you at first, but the MH writer points out a certain disconnect that makes the home even more striking: it’s a barn in the middle of lake-shore woodlands. We’re used to seeing barns out in the open plains, near open farm land and the like.

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