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Quality Products Are More Sustainable


With eco-consciousness on the rise, “sustainability” has become more than just a buzzword. One aspect of sustainability that’s often overlooked is long-lasting quality. Simply put, the longer a product lasts, the better it is for the environment: less discarded material in landfills, fewer resources used in transportation and sales.

Across the entire home and furnishings industry, both consumers and industry leaders are coming to realize that long-lasting products are a key component of sustainability. That’s why, for example, architects are using reclaimed timber, stone and boards in high-profile projects. Those quality materials have lasted for generations and will last for generations more. In dining, there’s a pronounced trend toward “slow food,” using quality ingredients and striving for an experience that nourishes the whole person.

We were reminded of this again when we ran across a fascinating interview with eco-fashion pioneer Marci Zaroff. She recommends that clothing and furniture designers seek better quality and turn away from the cheaper/faster options. As the homebuilding industry slowly recovers from its long slump, we believe builders, remodelers and homeowners also will turn to products offering long-lasting value and sustainability.