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Focus Fireplace

Product Spotlight: Fun Fireplaces

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If Santa is coming to your house this Christmas, you might want to make sure he has the traditional mode of entry — a fireplace. To make sure Kris Kringle is impressed enough to leave some real goodies, you will want to make sure the fireplace is safe, clean and, of course, stylish.

To go beyond the traditional hearth, Charles and Hudson profiled these fireplaces. This floating fireplace from Focus-Creation has a Space Age elegance and would be a great option for when you don’t want to take up wall space to install a fireplace.

If you really can’t decide what angle you want to sit at to face the fire, the TURN fireplace by Schweiger & Viererbl might be your answer! It rotates 360 degrees and has a neat place to store kindling.


Via Freshome, we discovered the work of artist Elena Colombo. Her firescapes are awe-inspiring and truly imaginative. We especially like these riffs on classic fireplaces.



Enjoy the beauty and warmth of the winter months, and don’t be afraid to expand your design horizons!