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Product round-up: Transparent TV screen, floating clock and more


We’ve seen some cool home products lately and thought we’d share them here. Because we believe you, like us, appreciate cool things for your home.

At a recent electronics industry trade show, Samsung showed off a television with a transparent screen. It sounds kind of cool, but it looks even cooler:

That photo is courtesy of, which points out, “a transparent wall-mounted display in the home would be desirable. At the moment, when the TV is turned off, you are left with a big black rectangle on the wall. With a transparent display it would be possible to hang a picture behind the screen which would be seen whenever you aren’t watching the TV.”

Take a look at this clock by Umbra, which features an orb of walnut wood that seems to float underneath a glass dome. The good folks at Dwell magazine write, “We can’t cop to knowing how the heck this walnut clock face hovers, seemingly without support, inside its domed glass cover. But we will admit it caught our eye and we can’t stop thinking about how cool it would look on a mantle, making every time check a mystifying experience.”

Karim Rashid, famous designer and friend of Marvin, has designed a neat egg-shaped chair that would be equally cool in a kid’s room or in any other space designed with a modern feel.

Included in a round-up of gifts for the handy do-it-yourselfer in your life was this gorgeous wood cabinet on wheels. It’s tough and useful and could function as anything from a utilitarian kitchen island to a stylish workshop toolbox. It has a hefty price tag ($549), but as they say, you get what you pay for.