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Philips Hue connected bulbs are smart home technology at its best


The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off next Tuesday in Las Vegas, and home owners can anticipate a wave of new smart home technology to be introduced the market. Not only is the fully connected home becoming more mainstream, it’s becoming more affordable.

One of the coolest innovations out right now is the Phillips Hue Connected Bulb. These wireless LED lightbulbs are managed by a mobile device developed for Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPad,etc). The app allows users to adjust the shade and intensity of the bulbs, while also offering the ability to turn lights on or off while away from home. What’s more, each bulb lasts about 15 years or 15,000 hours — whichever comes first — and uses about 80 percent less energy than traditional lightbulbs.

For now, a starter pack with three Philips Hue bulbs runs about $200. Costly, yes, but as you’ll see in the video below, this is just one example of why smart home tech should excite you. Who would’ve thought a lightbulb could be so cool?

[Image courtesy Philips]