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PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain backs up bold claim with innovative design, forward thinking


If you’ve ever encountered a slow or backed up drain, you know the only thing more troubling than the standing water is endeavoring to remove the clog yourself. Whether by using harsh chemicals or a long, sharp-toothed apparatus, do-it-yourself plumbing usually winds up a disgusting lesson in physics.

That’s what makes the PermaFLOW Never-Clog Drain by PF WaterWorks so intriguing. Shaped like a traditional P-trap drain, the PermaFLOW utilizes transparent walls to remove the mystery from diagnosing clogs. The real brilliance is revealed with the twist of an external knob that causes a wiper inside the drain to rotate, advancing whatever clog might be blocking your drain.

The PermaFLOW is one of those Why didn’t I think of that? innovations that may not be suitable for every home, but you have to admire its solution-minded simplicity.

[Photo from PF WaterWorks]