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On the move? Don't throw away -- donate


Whether intentional or not, downsizing is unavoidable when moving from one place to the next. Invariably, possessions ranging from defunct appliances, old clothes and hapless keepsakes wind up getting the heave-ho.

It’s a good thing, the downsizing, but you know what they say about one’s trashing being another’s treasure.

These days, there’s no limit to the recycling and donation programs available for people on the move. Apartment Therapy has posted an extremely helpful list of 25 places that accept everything from old DVDs, books and cell phones to sporting goods, baby gear and art supplies.

So if you’re soon on the move or maybe you have a child shipping off to a college in a few weeks, know that there are plenty of great organizations that would be happy to have your old stuff.

1. Operation Paperback
2. Books for Africa
3. Local children’s hospitals (or children’s wings)

4. Soles 4 Souls
5. Dress for Success
6Career Gear
7. One Warm Coat

Cell Phones
8. Hopeline
9Lifecell Project

10DVDs 4 Vets
11. Kids Flicks

12. World Computer Exchange
13. Gift my PC s.

Furniture & Home Goods
14. Furniture Bank Association of North America
15. Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore
16. Freecycle

Fitness & Sports Equipment 
17. Bikes for the World
18. Fitness for Charity
19. One World Running

Baby & Children’s Gear
20Loving Hugs
21Local women’s and family shelters
22. KIDS

Art & Craft Supplies
23. Carewear
24. The Knitting Connection
25. Dreaming Zebra