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italy villa

Old-World Modern


It’s hard to imagine a place more steeped in Old World style than Apulia, the region encompassing the bootheel of Italy. We tend to picture red tile roofs running down the hills to the Adriatic, and that’s not an inaccurate picture.

But on this Modern Monday, we’re looking at a beautiful villa that shows how contemporary style can fit comfortably into a more traditional setting. The home’s low lines let it blend into the hillside, while its clean walls are a nod to the whitewashed stone that defines so much of Italy’s architectural heritage.

Taking advantage of the setting, large windows and terraces bring in the sunshine that also plays such a large part in gracious Italian living.

If you love contemporary style, don’t be afraid to fit it on among more traditional homes. Good architects are skilled at integrating different styles — in fact, take a look at this home, which manages to combine traditional and modern under one roof.

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