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Not all square feet are made equal: Designer Marianne Cusato discusses space planning and using windows wisely



At the last week’s International Builders Show in Orlando, Marvin Windows as pleased to be visited by renowned designer Marianne Cusato.

We were able to take a few minutes of her time to discuss her approach to design and using a home’s space efficiently. She shared some great thoughts on how to use windows wisely — thinking about their size and placement as a way to make a home feel larger and more enjoyable and even helping add value to the home.

Not all square feet are made equal, Cusato said. “Paying attention to little details — simply where a window is located, the size of the window — will exponentially make a house feel larger, live larger and be much more pleasant at all times of the day.”

Windows don’t just let light in. They let you look out, so you are, in effect, “borrowing space from outside,” Cusato said.

Many homes have lots of windows concentrated in the front of the house, which looks nice and can, at times, provide nice views. But spreading the windows more strategically throughout a home can add tremendous value as it helps establish a connection with the outdoors. Letting people interact with the outdoors — either physically or simply through well-placed windows and great views — is an important part of making a house feel like a home.

Here’s a brief video that includes some more thoughts from Cusato: