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Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung: Talking with an expert

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You may have heard us talking about Marvin’s new Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung a lot lately, and for a good reason. First, the double hung is one of the oldest windows around. And this year, Marvin decided it was time to “reinvent” this classic window to create a double hung that not only looks traditional, but performs at the highest levels of efficiency with easy operation at large sizes. The result is the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window which truly is a “New Spin on a Classic.”

Today, Bill Boyd from our Product Planning Department joins us to tell us a little about the creation of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung. Bill worked closely on the development of this product, and is a true expert when it comes to the Next Generation Double Hung.

Q: Can you give a little background about why Marvin decided the double hung needed a reinvention?

A: Marvin is always looking ahead and leads the industry with innovative design and products, and we knew it was time to update this classic window. For starters, the locking method of the double hung window has virtually not changed in hundreds of years. It has always been some type of lock and keeper that locked the two sash together at the checkrail. This locking method has been a problem for double hungs as buildings settled and it became difficult to engage the lock and keeper. Eventually, the window would sag and would not be able to be locked, which caused drafts. Marvin took a look at these issues and created a design that eliminated any difficulties in locking by creating an auto-lock system that locks the sash independent of each other into the frame instead of together at the checkrail. (visit to see more)

Q: What, in your opinion, are the most revolutionary features of this product besides the locking mechanism?

A: One thing that people really love (and I do too!) is that the interior of this window is 100 percent wood. That may not sound all that exciting at first, but when you compare this window to any other double hung, you’ll see that ours doesn’t have any visible weatherstripping. This means that you can get that great traditional look that older double hungs had, but you get an energy efficient, non-drafty window. Best of both worlds!

Q: What was the best part of working on this project?

A: It was really interesting to explore design concepts that have never been done with the this type of window. Also, seeing the reactions of consumers during focus groups when they first got to see the concepts was amazing. It really brought home that our products add value to people’s homes.

Q: What sorts of projects does the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung work well in?

A: The Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung is suitable for all types of projects, from residential to commercial, from historical renovation to modern design. The sizing allows opportunities for it to be used in large commercial and residential applications and its performance ratings allow it to be used in many types of environmental conditions as well.

Q: How do you get this window to be so large yet still operate smoothly? Magic?

A: No, it’s actually engineering! Marvin has designed the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung to accept three different balance types based upon the sash weight. This allows us to balance the sash weight so that the largest window operates very similar to the smallest, thus making it very easy to open and close even at large sizes.

Q: Anything else want people to know?

A: Consumers have overwhelmingly been excited about the standard features of the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung! With the unique hardware I mentioned before, when the window is closed, it’s is locked. And the window features gives an audible “click” when closed to again, let you know that it is locked–it just gives you that extra peace of mind. Also, this window features a unique vent mode for when you want to let in some fresh air. In vent mode, the window opens to four inches and then locks in place. No other window on the market has this feature.

This window turns the double hung on its head with some seriously great new innovations. Thanks for giving us the expert look at this product, Bill!