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New Spin on Outdoor Living

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Our current New Spin On A Classic campaign, which celebrates Marvin’s innovation on the classic double hung window, has us thinking about other areas that could use a breath of fresh air. More than any other season, summer is when homeowners look to maximize their time outdoors. From ideas for outdoor entertaining, to tips on maintaining beautiful and fuss-free lawns, we’ve rounded up three of the hottest new spins on outdoor living.

Outdoor Kitchen

Bringing the indoors outside is one the hottest home trends right now, specifically when it comes to kitchens. Some homeowners go to great lengths to create an outdoor kitchen, the good news is that creating a functional and beautiful outdoor cooking space really doesn’t require all that fuss. Whether you’re looking for exquisite granite installations or functional modular setups, there is something to fit your needs.

Outdoor kitchens add extra convenience when hosting as they can have everything that your indoor kitchen has, and possibly more. They save homeowners time and stress by cutting down on the amount of trips back inside the house, and simply put, they maximize time spent outside. Outdoor kitchens also add value to your home, as they are attractive to prospective buyers.

Start planning your project with a little help from This Old House.


Find the middle ground between farming and landscaping by foodscaping. More and more homeowners are taking an interest in growing their own garden. Not only does gardening give access to fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables, if done right, low maintenance and attractive gardens can also strengthen curb appeal;. Plus, as stated by, think of all the money you’ll save on tea, seasonings and picnic snacks! Gain some foodscaping inspiration from Pinterest.

Forget the Grass

Lush lawns look great, but they require a lot of maintenance. Instead, consider low-maintenance ground cover such as red creeping thyme. Ground covers require less water and basically no maintenance – making them a great alternative in areas such as California. They also thrive in poor soil and keep away unwanted weeds. Covers like thyme also give off a pleasant aroma. Check out these tips on using ground covers from HGTV.