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New Moxie showerhead from Kohler features Bluetooth audio


So, you think your Christmas list is done? You might want to save room for one of the coolest bathroom accessories ever invented.

Kohler recently introduced its revolutionary Moxie showerhead, which features a built-in speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can stream nearly anything from your smartphone or any Bluetooth-enable device — mp3s, podcasts, the morning traffic report — while you’re getting your day started. The speaker is portable and rechargeable, so once your shower is over, you can detach the speaker and continue listening as you carry on with your morning routine.

“We’re seeing a growing demand for music in the bathroom,” says Kohler performance showering product manager Leslie Bronson. “The Moxie showerhead is the first of its kind to combine the delivery of water and music. And with the proximity of the Bluetooth-enabled speaker pod, bathers are simultaneously showered with music and a best-in-class spray experience.”

Do you have a loved one who sings in the shower? The Moxie showerhead from Kohler is a no-brainer.