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New Lennox thermostat with Wi-Fi points to smart home tech's potential


Pop quiz: You live in a remarkably cold winter climate like, oh, say, Warroad, Minn. You are planning a five-day vacation to somewhere warm and away from the frozen tundra. The last thing you want is for your pipes to freeze, but you also hate to waste money warming an unoccupied home. So, to what temperature do you set the thermostat while you’re gone?

Trick question! If you had the Lennox iComfort, you wouldn’t.

Smart home tech just continues to become more practical and, well, smart. The Lennox iComfort with built-in Wi-Fi is just the latest innovation that’s giving homeowners total control away from home — or not at all. The iComfort has the ability to be controlled via any computer, table or smartphone with Internet access. What’s better, the iComfort can be set to automatically adjust based on a five-day forecast.

In other words, you can come home to a comfortable home after a vacation without frozen pipes or a frozen home. You also want have to worry about the energy bill.