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New for the Coasts: The Ultimate Multi-Slide

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The coasts are where everybody wants to be…including us! When you own a home in a coastal area, your house and its materials are due for some special situations, like sun, salt and sand relentlessly beating down on your windows and doors. Add in the possibility of hurricanes, and it takes some specially-built windows and doors to stand up to the elements. Let’s not forget that fact that much of coastal architecture focuses on beautiful views, and you’ve got yourself a conundrum: how do you have large, beautiful windows and doors that can stand up to hurricanes and look great for years to come?

We’re thrilled to announce that our Ultimate Multi-Slide Door, the latest addition to our Scenic Doors line, is now IZ3 certified and is now part of our StormPlus offerings. And did we mention that this certification represents a first in its class achievement?

What exactly does this mean? IZ stands for “Impact Zone” and 3 indicates the geographical area in which it can be used. Products that are certified as IZ3 have had to undergo a series of tests, such as standing up to a 2×4 being shot out of a cannon at 50′ per second to simulate wind debris, and withstanding winds up to 140 miles per hour. These tests and their standards are all conducted and set by outside agencies.

Like all Marvin products, the Ultimate Multi-Slide Door uses extruded aluminum clad products that meet AAMA 2605, the American Architectual Manufacturer’s Association’s toughest specification for aluminum cladding. They’re built tough with Fluropon®, a fluoropolymer finish with 70% PVDF, which heightens resistance to chalking, pitting, fading, corrosion and marring.

And of course, you get a big, beautiful door (up to 50 feet wide and 12 feet high!) with lots of feature choices–all the better to enjoy the coast.

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