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New Contemporary Options from Marvin


Contemporary style is in high demand these days, and Marvin is responding with a wide range of new contemporary options, like our 90-degree corner windows (seen to the right of the door in the Oregon mountain home pictured above).

With clean lines and generous glass areas, our contemporary options provide the look contemporary-minded homeowners seek. Marvin’s expanded contemporary options include:

  • The 90-Degree Corner Window, a dramatic focal point that brings rooms alive with a panoramic view. The 90-Degree Corner Unit is a window designed to be noticed.
  • The new, contemporary Ultimate Swinging French Door, now available with narrower stiles and rails. Result: less wood, more glass – bringing more natural light into the room and dramatically increasing the view.
  • A new selection of hardware options.With a clean, simple design, square handle and minimalist lever, the new handle set perfectly complements the contemporary Ultimate Swinging Door and Bi-fold Door.
  • Pearlescent Finishes in Bright Silver and Copper. These stunning colors offer aesthetics similar to anodized aluminum, with superior performance and its AAMA 2605-certified finish. These finishes are also backed by a 20 year warranty against chalking and fading.
  • Marvin’s Interior Shades, setting a new standard by offering the industry’s first fully integrated shade system. Marvin’s Interior Shades fit seamlessly into a Marvin window or door unit, have the versatility of opening from either the top or the bottom and provide homeowners with the beauty of sleek lines and fully concealed cords—outdoing the competition when it comes to functionality, design and performance.
  • Marvin’s new OXXO Glider, a perfect fit for contemporary applications that allows for even more flexibility in overall design. This beautiful window is also a great solution for situations where the homeowner is looking for a pass-through application between spaces, such as the kitchen and an entertaining space outside.

Find your Marvin dealer today and ask about our stunning new range of contemporary options.