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Narrow Houses

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Our friends at Curbly recently featured some very cool, and very narrow, homes. Since MLuxe is all about people making creative use of their space, we wanted to be sure and share these with you.

Almost everyone is familiar with the classic row house — a way to squeeze a spacious home into a heavily populated urban area. But narrow houses are expanding (figuratively) to be built and renovated by those who want to live in a home with a smaller footprint or have an unusual design space.

Take this house in Boston: it is classic and fits snugly into the busy city. It’s a small house but bigger than it looks at 964 square feet.

One of the most interesting things about narrow houses is when they are built where space is not an issue. This Japanese house is on a lot that goes from 2.5 feet to 10 feet. The house accommodates this challenging size and its cathedral-like styling distracts the eye from its narrowness.


This narrow house is in Big Sky country (Sulphur Springs, MT) probably could be as wide as the homeowners wanted. Instead it is 10 feet wide with 2,400 square feet of living space stretched over three floors and a basement. Definitely not a traditional home, but its contrast with the land surrounding it gives it a sort of space-age glamour.


Past and present, the narrow house offers an interesting and effective form of architecture.

Photos courtesy of Curbly.