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myMarvin Architect's Challenge winner: Worcester Central School District

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Originally constructed in 1932, this three-story K-12 school building in Worcester, N.Y., maintained the historically significant design through a major renovation and addition by Paul Bedford of Keystone Associates Architects, Engineers & Surveyors, LLC. The updated building was one of the winners of our 2012 myMarvin Architect’s Challenge.

The original building was constructed in 1932 with an addition in 1946 and contained the original wood windows, many which were difficult to operate due to age and size. The most recent addition was constructed in 1977 with vinyl windows. Additionally aluminum storm windows had been installed on the exterior to assist with energy savings but also were difficult to operate. Due to the age of the windows it was imperative that they be replaced with easy to operate, energy efficient, maintenance-free wood windows.

The intent for the renovation of the existing building window replacement was to match the historically significant existing double hung units and round tops. The addition is a mix of fixed, double hung and casement windows which allowed a transition from the classical double hung units in the classrooms on the east and west sides, which blend with the existing building, to the more contemporary cafeteria space in the center of the south façade with its barrel vaulted roof, white brick exterior and casement windows.

The project called to maintain the original size, design and material with the new replacement windows. The exterior and interior of the original windows were of wood construction while using Marvin windows allowed the ability to have the natural beauty of wood on the interior with the maintenance-free material of extruded aluminum on the exterior.

In addition, some openings were as large as 4’-10” wide x 8’-4” high that were double hung; 8’-0” wide x 18’-0” high fixed below with round tops above. Marvin was able to not only replicate the existing design but also provide the sizes to fit those openings and operate smoothly. Products used included the Round Top window and Ultimate Casement window.




Images courtesy of Keystone Associates Architects, Engineers and Surveyors, LLC.