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myMarvin Architect's Challenge: Lake Cottage

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New England? No, this house is located in the heartland of Madison, Wisc. It takes its inspiration from the shingle-style houses of the 1800s, with a modern twist.

This lake cottage is a modest house — only 2,190 square feet. But it packs a wealth of features into its space. Designed by Arleta Chang of Jarvis Architects in Oakland, Calif., the house’s rooms have bright pops of color and distinctly designed personalities.

Since the house is located on a narrow lot in an urban area, it was important that the property allow passersby to also enjoy the lake view.  The entrance is two steps above the main level and has a lake view, but the horizon is revealed only after stepping down to the living spaces. A garage and boathouse complete the luxuriously simple lake life.

Numerous Marvin products were used in this lake cottage, including clad in-sash round tops, eyebrow and half-circle units, casements, awnings and French doors. To learn more about this project and see more pictures, visit the Architect’s Challenge page.