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myMarvin Architect's Challenge: City Market Restoration

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Restoration and renovation of the historic Merchants Bank Building in Kansas City into leasable tenant space brought this historic property into the 21st century while maintaining the historic integrity of the structure. This historic property had only a few original wood windows intact; several windows showed signs of severe deterioration, others were covered with plywood. The entry door was completely missing; moisture infiltration had caused considerable damage. New Marvin windows and entry door bring balance and a natural rhythm to the building’s façade while helping greatly to improve the indoor thermal comfort and arrest the deterioration of the historic interior.

The design intent was to utilize modern materials in creative ways to replicate the unique architectural context of this historic building, based on historic photographs. A system of built up Marvin aluminum stock mouldings at the main entry re-created the proportion and complexity of the door opening which originally was built with limestone and decorative glazed terra cotta.

The City Market Restoration was designed by Susan Richards Johnson of Susan Richards Johnson & Associates, Inc. in Kansas City.