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Modern all-stars: Dwell Magazine's 20 most popular modern homes


Dwell Magazine, that outpost of modern-design excellence, recently featured what it called the 20 most popular modern homes in its 12-year history. In compiling the list, the editors noticed certain themes: “small space projects, renovations, unconventional living situations, and crisp, Spartan interiors […] ranging in scope from prefab prototypes to communal living and more.”

The folks at Dwell didn’t seem to offer any explanation for their “most popular” criteria, but it hardly matters. A quick flip through the slideshow of these 20 homes shows off impeccable style, not matter the criteria. Take a pass through for yourself, but a couple of our favorites are included here — the lovely, spacious kitchen shown above and, below, a photo from the home of Lara Deam, founder of (no huge surprise) Dwell Magazine.