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Mini dishwasher in a sink: A great product you can't have

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Well, now! This definitely goes in the file of cool AND useful products. Check it out: a mini dishwasher that fits neatly into one side of your sink. It works with your sink’s plumbing and can wash up to five place settings at a time.

So what’s the problem? This product was discontinued by KitchenAid. While we’re sure they had good reason to do so, it does seem too bad: here is an easy way to fit a dishwasher into kitchens. People with older kitchens might appreciate not having to rip out cabinets to install a regular, larger dishwasher, and those with dishwashers might like an extra, smaller dishwasher for overflow. Plus, we would venture a guess that it uses less water than a traditional dishwasher.

Charles and Hudson (where we found this) wasn’t able to find out why it was discontinued, but they do note that at $1,800 it wasn’t very budget-friendly for such a small dishwasher. Maybe that is what killed it. Or maybe there were design flaws. Either way, it’s a great product concept that we wish we’d see more of!

Readers–what are some great home products that you loved and are no longer available? Let us know in the comments!

Image courtesy of Charles and Hudson