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Marvin's Passive-Certified Windows Are Top Trend


The editors at Freshome have named their top 10 Fresh Architecture Trends — and right at the top the list is Passive Homes.

We love that, because Marvin is the only major window and door manufacturer with windows certified by the Passive House Institute U.S. Passive homes are designed to use as little energy as possible, and a key piece of the puzzle is strict control of air leaking in or out of the home. To achieve minimal air leakage, tight and energy-efficient windows are a must. Marvin makes such windows — and as an added bonus, they’re beautiful.

From the outside, you really can’t tell a Marvin passive-certified window from our regular windows. They have the same style as all our high-quality windows.

There haven’t been many passive homes built in the USA to date, but demand is growing, and Marvin is ready to meet it. And by the way — we’d love to see a passive home entered in the Marvin Architects Challenge for 2014.