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Marvin's Great Solutions for Hurricane Protection


Hurricane season is officially here, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you live in America’s coastal areas, you probably don’t need a reminder.

But what you may not realize is how windows and doors act as crucial hurricane protection. The most severe hurricane damage occurs when the “envelope” of a building is breached. If a window or door gives way or blows out during a hurricane, the dramatic change in air pressure can lead to a cascade of damage, including losing the roof. And that’s not to mention the water damage that can occur via a broken window or door.

Marvin’s StormPlus windows and doors are a strong barrier against damage from hurricanes and other storms. They’re tested to withstand winds up to 140 mph and they’ll protect against wind-driven debris. The laminated glass of StormPlus windows and doors will withstand the equivalent of an 8-foot-long 2×4 piece of lumber traveling at 50 feet per second. And special, designed-in hardware adds extra strength without affecting the great looks of these windows and doors.

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