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Marvin’s Favorite Home Trends in 2013


As we wrap up 2013, here’s a look at some of our favorite home trends we saw this year. A common theme throughout the year was an increased focus on entertainment, spending time at home and technology.

Big Kitchens

With homeowners choosing to remodel instead of building new, plus the growing epicurean trend, larger and more stylish kitchens were a dominant trend in 2013. Kitchens were upgraded with top-of-the-line appliances, newest technology and ambient lighting. The new, luxe spaces create a welcoming place for people to gather, whether its cooking dinner for the family or entertaining guests.

Marble Bathrooms


A favorite trend of 2013 is the incorporation of marble in the bathroom. We’ve seen many remodeled bathrooms utilizing this elegant trend, from floor to ceiling marble bathrooms to stylish marble accents.

Green living


Although living a “green” lifestyle is becoming more mainstream than ever, 2013 saw a boost in eco-chic living. Ranging from big to small and low- to high-tech, sustainability has been the key trend for remodels and new homes. Home furnishings and technology focusing on energy efficiency and lowering a home’s footprint on the environment are becoming more in demand. A perfect example is the growing trend toward passive-certified products.  These specially designed products help increase energy efficiency in any home and decrease overall energy costs.

Oversized windows

big window

One home trend that we couldn’t be more excited to see was the emphasis on oversized windows. More than ever, homeowners are substituting traditional walls for floor-to-ceiling windows. The large windows provide the homeowners with amazing views, more natural sunlight and help to decrease energy costs by allowing more heat to enter the house.

Relaxing outdoors


This year, homeowners enjoyed the outdoors while remaining at home. We saw a large increase in the number of outdoor living rooms, kitchens and rooftop decks. These outdoor spaces are perfect places for homeowners to relax, enjoy dinner with the family or entertain friends.