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Marvin windows help This Old House team replicate crucial historical detail


The crew at This Old House recently took to the historic neighborhood of Avon Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to help turn the interior of a badly outdated 1887 Queen Anne into an open, airy, Scandinavian-inspired home that a family of four can be proud of.

Importantly, the project had to balance the dual challenges of making both the homeowner and the areas historical commission happy. According to TOH:

The plans call for turning the first floor into a seamless kitchen, dining, and living area, and the third-floor attic space into a grand master suite. The second floor will house the kids’ bedrooms and a new bathroom for them to share. As for the exterior, Tom and company need to follow local preservation guidelines, with modest plans for a paint job as well as a few reconfigured windows on the side of the house—and a new brick or bluestone patio, if the budget allows.

The series is airing on PBS stations right now, and you can watch full episodes — and see all sorts of related information — at In a recently aired episode, the TOH crew discusses finer points of how the home’s new windows maintain seemingly minor but nonetheless crucial historical detail. We point out, happily, that those windows are from Marvin.

Unfortunately, we can’t embed the video here, so you’ll have to head over to to watch the episode. Jump to scene three for the window discussion.

[photo courtesy of This Old House]