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Russian River Studio 1

Marvin Architects Challenge: Russian River Studio

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This week we feature the Best Contemporary project winner from the 2015 Architects Challenge.

This small house in Sonoma County serves many different purposes. Designed for a photographer and a writer as a multipurpose space for painting, drawing, writing, photography, creative dreaming, making holiday meals, hosting small workshops, and overflow guests, this 864-square-foot building with porch and terraced extensions frames the top of the hill above a small existing dwelling. Large, colorful wall panels at the interior serve as accents for the otherwise white walls, and open to reveal workspaces. Two work areas borrow light and space from the main room. Light in the main studio space is brought in from windows and doors on all four sides, as well as through skylights. Openings are placed within reasonable proximity to one another, but on separate walls to take in light from more than one orientation at the same time. Options, performance and beauty all played a major part in deciding on Marvin Window and Door products.

The Russian River Studio was designed by Cathy Schwabe of Cathy Schwabe Architecture. The judges chose this as the Best Contemporary Project in the Architects Challenge due to “…the discipline of this clean, simple, appropriate structure. No element appears to be extraneous.” (2015 Architects Challenge judge)

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