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Marvin Architect's Challenge 2013: International Edition, Part 3

Today we feature another international submission to the 2013 Architect’s Challenge. This house might look all-American, but it’s actually located in Japan. The inspiration came when the clients traveled North America to visit their daughter attending college there. After their trip, they realized that the “Western Style” houses in Japan were actually a far cry from houses they saw in the United States.

When the architect, Nobuyuki Narigasawa of Nobu Archi Design Co., met with the clients, they expressed their preference for an “American style” house. He told them that windows were a vital part of creating curb appeal. The lack of focus on windows was one of the big differences between “American style” houses in Japan and actual American houses. To get the right look for the house, Narigasawa suggested using windows from United States. His vision for the design used trim to emphasis windows. He also also specified wooden shutters  to get close to his clients’ ideal of an American-style house.

Narigasawa has deep experience designing American-style homes for his Japanese clients, having worked with an American architect for the past ten years to design residential and commercial projects. He also has spent considerable time in the United States to look at his partner’s projects.

Marvin was an ideal choice for this house, as windows not only had to look American, but be able to fit stringent Japanese building codes. For instance, the windows had to be fire preventive due to the location of the house. He chose Marvin because of thermal insulation performance, quality and design in addition to their ability to meet fire codes.

Narigasawa notes,  “Marvin helped me to accomplish creating the aura [of an American house], which Japanese aluminum windows never can.”

Products used in this project include casement windows, Round Top windows and Sliding Patio Doors.