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Making Home Work More Enjoyable


The trend toward working from home show no signs of slowing. At least one in 10 Americans works at home at least part-time, a number that’s risen steadily in recent years.

Builders report a steady demand for home office spaces. A trend that’s really gaining steam is the “pocket office,” a space tucked into a corner or closet, under a stairway or in the transition area between rooms. With the downsizing of technology — laptops and tablets have replaced bulky desktop computers — these small spaces can function as efficiently as a larger office space for simple tasks.

But to truly run a home-based business, you’ll probably want a larger space, like the one above. Windows and patio doors can connect these spaces to the outside, making them seem less isolating and offering the energy that comes from natural sunlight.

Builders suggest putting home office spaces toward the back of the house, keeping clutter out of view and offering a greater connection to the living areas. Some designers are using sliding barn doors to delineate the office area. Again, it’s all about creating a space isolated enough to offer concentration, but not so isolated that you feel disconnected from the world around you.